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Custom-made to the patient, dentures are dental appliances specifically for replacing some or all missing teeth in the mouth. Whether teeth have had to be removed due to tooth decay, have fallen out, or simply worn down with age, dentures can be a great tool for restoring a smile to its former glory. Traditional dentures are removable, but with the advent of newer techniques, it is now possible to retain them in the mouth using copings or dental implants. These advancements have been reported to provide improved patient satisfaction, comfort and confidence.

Dentures require a series of consultations and appointments with our clinic. These will include our dentists taking impressions of the jaw such as a simple impression of the upper and lower arches along with a detailed impression. Then, some features of the face will be recorded before a trial with the teeth commences. Finally, your brand new custom dentures will be delivered to you. The amount of appointments this process takes will vary from patient to patient, depending on each unique case.

If you need dentures in Whittlesea or dentures in Plenty Valley, our clinic can get you started on your denture journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures are a more comprehensive and all-encompassing solution for patients who need to replace missing teeth. Dentures are a great option for improving aesthetics and appearance, which can lead on to other great benefits like improved social interaction, diet and standard of living. Remember, dentures are considered an appliance, and like any other appliance they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

There are many types of dentures depending on which teeth are being replaced or which material is being used to construct them. Dentures replacing a few teeth are called partial dentures and dentures replacing all missing teeth in the mouth are called complete dentures.

Cast metal dentures have shown the highest percentage of longevity and patient satisfaction compared to any other material. Generally called CPD, they are much stronger, easier to keep clean and have the additional advantage of feeling natural – even when you have hot and cold food items in the mouth. This natural proprioception is normally not seen with patients who use flexible or pink dentures.

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