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General dentistry is a huge part of your overall health, and it’s imperative to have a local dentist you can trust as your primary dental care provider to make sure your oral and dental health is kept up to check. Check ups, preventative care and maintenance like scale and cleans all fall under the umbrella of General Dentistry, so whether you have a toothache or just feel like you’re due for a check-up, you can rely on Dentists of Plenty Valley for high standards of customer care and conscientiousness.

Our dedication to best practice methods mean that regular check-ups with us will help prevent potential issues like bacterial infections, tooth decay and gum disease. General dentistry check-ups include a range of activities alongside a clean and scale, such as a teeth polish, fluoride treatment and mouth X-rays where necessary. General dentist check ups with us will give our practitioners the opportunity to properly assess and diagnose your oral and dental health, and provide a treatment or care plan for any relevant concerns. General Dentistry can cover simple treatments, and if necessary, provide an opportunity to refer you to any specialists for more specific concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general dentist check-ups, Dentists of Plenty Valley will undergo an examination on your teeth for any cavities, plaque or tartar build-up and use an x-ray to do so if necessary. After this assessment, our dentists will undertake a cleaning process on your teeth known as ‘Scaling’ with specialised dental equipment including ultrasonic scalers.
We recommend you come in for a check-up every six months to maintain your oral hygiene and detect any issues ahead of time to avoid more costly and intrusive treatments down the track. If you have a toothache or concern, don’t delay – call ahead and reschedule your appointment to be sooner.
If you have a bad breath issue we recommend trying to address the concern at home first, because most cases can be treated with improved dental hygiene. However, bad breath can be a sign of a more serious condition such as diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, or an infection. If your bad breath isn’t improving with home treatment, consult our general dentists at Dentists of Plenty Valley to diagnose and treat your condition.
Yes! Our general dentists are trained to service children as well. You are able to bring your child in for a General Dentist check-up from the age of one or when their first tooth comes through (whichever comes first). Bringing your child in from this stage can help familiarise them with the environment and make visits to the dentist less intimidating, while also allowing us to carefully monitor their oral and dental health. Check out our Children’s Dentistry page for more info.

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