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Teeth extraction Services in Plenty Valley

There are a number of reasons that tooth extraction may be necessary as an adult – this can include the removal of decaying teeth, crowding, or even wisdom tooth extraction. Having a tooth removed will normally mean your dentist will use local anaesthesia to numb the area and make the process more comfortable for you. In some more severe cases, general anaesthetic may be used. A good indication for how severe the case is will be whether or not the tooth is visible – if so, the procedure will likely be fairly simple and straightforward. If the tooth being removed is still in the gums, broken or impacted, a more serious procedure will be necessary. Wisdom tooth extraction, for example, falls under this banner.

Most of the time, tooth extraction is a comparatively quick procedure whereby a dentist will loosen the tooth with specialised equipment, then remove it with forceps from the patient’s mouth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Problems or pain with wisdom teeth tend to be the most straightforward sign that wisdom tooth extraction will be necessary. But what else might be a sign that you need a tooth removed? Severe gum disease, a deep infection in a tooth, a broken tooth or a whole range of orthodontic reasons may necessitate a tooth extraction. If you believe this might be the case for yourself, please make an appointment with one of our practitioners here at Dentists of Plenty Valley.

You may experience some pain after the procedure, particularly as the anaesthetic wears off, and your dentist may prescribe you medication for the pain or recommend an over-the-counter solution to ease the severity of the pain. For more intensive procedures, you may have some bleeding (especially if an incision needed to be made for the extraction). In this case you will be given some gauze to bite down on in order to stem the bleeding.

As is the case for any dental procedure, you will want to be careful with foods and avoid smoking, drinking and physical sports for at least 24 hours while your mouth heals. Avoid knocking the affected area or using the affected area to chew. If you have ongoing pain that is severe, continue to experience a lot of bleeding or even a fever, give Dentists of Plenty Valley a call to ensure your tooth extraction is healing up as intended.

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